Kitchen Garden

Our Kitchen Garden was greatly expanded last autumn from a dozen small beds to its current size of just under a quarter of an acre.  Still being relatively new, it has yet to realise its full potential, however, the propagation greenhouse has been full since mid-December, the cold frames also and the lovely shiny new Keder Greenhouse has been groaning with delicious winter salads.


We follow the No Dig principle as practised and taught by Charles Dowding  - - which advocates nurturing and feeding your soil rather than constantly attacking it with spade and fork.  This means a gentler way of gardening but also one that uses very few if any pesticides; we cannot claim organic status but we come as close as we can.



The Kitchen Garden feeds the kitchen and dictates what it produces to a certain extent.  There are four main Picking Beds providing salads and herbs, then a series of ten outdoor beds which will grow successional crops of potatoes, brassicas, peas, beans, onions, leeks and root vegetables with additional crops of artichokes, asparagus, squashes plus lots of herbs and edible flowers through the summer.  We have a wide variety of fruit bushes plus raspberries and strawberries and a brand new orchard of miniature apple, pear and plum trees.


The Keder will grow salads in winter and tomatoes, cucumber, melon, aubergine and peppers in summer.


The latest crops going into the kitchen are curly kale and purple sprouting broccoli which were sown last summer, plus winter salad leaves, spinach and herbs such as chives, chervil, coriander and mint.


Harvesting Now

Salad Crops


All the green salds in The Gallery Cafe are grown in the kitchen Garden

Salad Crops


All the green salds in The Gallery Cafe are grown in the kitchen Garden



Used in our delicious Eggs Benedict for Sunday Brunch in the Gallery Cafe


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